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Managed WordPress Hosting

Need Hosting?

Get Premium Managed Hosting

We now offer Managed WordPress Hosting through our servers at WpEngine. You get all of the same features and benefits of Premium Managed WordPress hosting, with the added bonus of our team managing it for you. Each hosting plan comes with…

Hosting · $25 per/mo

  • Free Theme Install ($100 value)
  • Free Genesis Framework ($59 value)
  • Free SSL & CDN
  • Nightly Backups
  • Enhanced Security

Hosting + Stock Library · $35per/mo

  • Access to the Stock Library

Pay for the Year…

Pay for the year and get access to the stock library for free.


The Steps…

Choose your Plan

After you checkout with your chosen plan you will be directed to the hosting form that will gather your important information.


Hosting FAQ’s

What happens if I want to change to a non Hello You Theme?

If you would like to change to another shops theme, you can do so. Just because you are using our hosting does not mean you have to use one of our themes on it all the time. You are free to change it up anytime you would like and we will still be here to help you.

How many times do I get the free install?

As long as you are running a Hello You Designs theme, we will do the theme install for free. So any time you purchase a new theme from us, we will install it for you, for no additional charge.

Can I cancel the stock subscription any time?

Yes, you can cancel the stock subscription at any time and have your billing changed to the regular billing amount.

I’d like to transfer my site, is there an extra fee?

When you sign up for our hosting, we offer free migrations of any WordPress site. If you have another type of site, please contact us to make sure that it can be transferred over to a WordPress Site.

What if I’m happy with my current theme (non Hello You) but want to use your hosting?

We would love for you to join the hosting family. You do not have to use a Hello You Designs theme in order to use our hosting.

Can I have an eCommerce site?

Yes, an eCommerce site will run beautifully on our servers.

I already have a Hello You Theme hosted elsewhere but want to switch

We will migrate your site over for free and make sure that it is up and running smoothly.

Can I work on a temporary site so my readers do not see the site in progress?

Yes, with our hosting package you get a development site that you can work on while your main site is still up and running. Then when it is time to take the new site live, we will make all of the changes necessary to make sure that it is a smooth transition.

Do you do any design work or edits with the free install?

The free install does not come with anything other than us installing the theme and framework and then setting it up like the demo. You would then go in and change your images, wording and delete anything you may not want. We do offer design services if you would like us to do the design work. Please contact us for a quote if interested.

Do you offer design work?

We do offer design work and would love to provide you a quote on your project.

What is the free install?

We will install the theme, framework and demo content so everything looks and functions just like the live demo. You would then log on and change your images, wording and delete anything you may not want.

We will also migrate your existing WordPress site over for no additional fee as part of the install.

Is the Hello You Designs Theme included?

No, the theme is not included. Only the install and Genesis Framework. You will need to pick out and purchase your theme first, then reach out for us to set up your hosting account.

** You do not have to use a Hello You Designs theme to use us for hosting. We would love to host any WordPress site you have.